10+ Wholesome And Hilarious Comics About Living With Cats

Dogs and cats are drastically different.

In essence, I suppose it would be that dogs make no effort to hide their love for you whereas cats pretend that it’s entirely accidental that they’re in the same room as you most of the day. We’ve already covered what it’s like to live with dogs, specifically a pug, so how about some honesty on our furry feline friends as well?

#1 Make your life hell, but it’s alright.

#2 Just make up your damn mind.

#3 Living with a cat.

#4 From cute to monster in 0.2 seconds.

#5 Defy gravity.

#6 Cats are weird but then so are we.

#7 Priorities.

#8 Sass.

#9 Warmth.

#10 I can’t think of a better way to spend time.


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