An Artist Drew Comics About Girls’ Everyday Lives And There Cannot Be A More Accurate Way To Do It!

Being a girl is mostly great. However, there are some days when it’s just a little less than fun. Let’s be real. Being a girl literally sucks. And no, before you come to think that this is one of those feminist articles. I’m not here to yell at men because they don’t give me what I think I deserve. Because I literally nagged my boyfriend to do the dishes this morning and he did. So, anyway, it wasn’t because I was sick or anything but simply because I was lazy. So no, this article isn’t what you think it is.

Being a female is a pain. We’re expected to know basically everything. How many times have you had your mom walk into the room just to find something you’d been looking for the past 40 minutes? Or have called your mom to ask her how to cook something? All girls are expected to learn these things in their secret female classes. Do we really want to be this independent? Hell no, we just want to do nothing all day and watch Netflix.

Karen Nawful is an artist from Beirut. And she decided to illustrate comics on what it’s like to be a girl. It has many pros and cons, but the cons sometimes overweigh the pros. And the comics will be the most real thing you’ve seen all day!

Here’s what it’s really like to wake up every morning.

If it wasn’t for magic…

 There are two breeds of women.

Sometimes you just can’t get away with it.

So you can’t do anything but face the demons.

And every Monday, a little part of us dies inside.

Workouts aren’t really our thing.

Here’s what we really want to do during lunch breaks.

But, Fridays can change everything – or not.

All it needs is one last push!

Then comes the weekend.

And the world becomes our oyster!

It brings out the naughty in us!

Connects us with nature.

Discovering ourselves!

All of this was just a satire. Being a girl is the best. And you should truly be jealous if you’re not.

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