This Beautiful Comic Series About Growing Old Will Change Your Perception About Life

Growing old has its challenges, like all other phases of life. The fear of ageing ultimately overshadows all the sublime parts of growing old.

Growing old has its own snags but, much to our surprise, it’s a beautiful thing!

Moreover, award-winning artist, Dan Dougherty’s heartwarming comic strip is a perfect depiction of old age. The comic revolves around the journey of a father’s life. The comic strip meticulously captures every moment of a father and daughter’s beautiful journey together, through life.

Check out the comic below:

“Your daughter will hold your hand for a little while, but hold your heart for a lifetime.”



“Behind every young child who believes in herself is a parent who believed first.”

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”

“Dear Daddy, I may find a prince someday, but you will always be my king.”

“Fathers never grow old; they just become grandfathers.” 


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