The Internet Is Divided Over This Web Comic Series That Explains Why We Need Feminism

Cartoons and comics are known to make subtle yet impactful statements. Be it political or crucial social messages; comic artists have always been at the edge of the social sword. And there’s no denying the fact that their humor drives home the point like nothing else can. California based cartoonist Rebecca Cohen has created a series of socially conscious comics. Her illustrations are a clear reminder of why feminism is a much-needed ideology. Through the layers of art and humor, she boldly reinforces feminism. She meticulously discusses pressing women’s issues.

Why are you a feminist?

Men: use these tips to keep yourselves safe.

Here’s why women can’t be lead roles in a movie.

She did say…

I must respectfully disagree with you, sir.

In short.

People will never be satisfied.

Not all humans.


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