This Comic Nails The Most Exhausting Part Of Being A Mom

Being a mom is an extremely difficult task

And it’s not about the house chores or taking care of the kids, or anything like that. It’s the raw mental load that comes with being the “task manager” of the home. If you don’t understand exactly what I mean, them I’m thankful for this comic. A French illustrative artist, Emma, has recently created a comic strip titled “You Should’ve Asked“.

In it, she describes the mental load taken by the mom in household tasks. For example, consider the following scenario.

It’s not that husbands are unwilling to help around with household tasks, it’s that the default falls on the wife. That he expects.

Women are far better at multi-tasking than men

it’s not sexism or feminism to ascertain that. There are differences in genders that suit them to better tasks, and this comic shows exactly why the “social norms” grew into what they’ve become.

The mom can remember everything that needs to be remembered.

And husbands don’t usually do that.

Men can’t, actually. It’s also why women take longer to shop than men do, generally speaking. They connect dots that men can’t. If a guy goes to buy a beer, he’ll come back with one. If a woman goes to buy a shirt for their kid, she’ll remember that they need new shoes, and socks, and toilet paper, and other things.

It makes the household far safer in her hands than his.

The difference between men and women running the household can be explained well in this section of the comic

This makes guys incredibly incapable of running a home, and women incredibly capable.

Women take the mental load because they handle it better than men. However, if they’re fed up with it, they should talk to their husbands. There’s no point in it if there is no proper channels of communication.

You can read the full comic by Emma here.

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