Controversial Comics Explain The Modern “Gender Wars” And Internet Is Divided

In society, there are different responsibilities and different tasks for men and women.

And they’re not always fair. An artist known as Emma shared the plight of women in a poignant comic detailing not only the difficulties faced by women, but also the solutions that are upon us as a society to not only solve, but prevent from happening in the future.

That is, of course, if we decide that it is a problem. We got rid of slavery once we realised it was a problem, dictatorship, and other horrid atrocities as time went on because we became more educated and well versed in how to manage a society.

This, if an issue to enough, will be fixed with time. Otherwise, it will remain.

It starts off simple enough.

The artist explains herself and her situation.

She also elaborates on everything she dealt with.

And with this picture painted, it resonated with a lot of people.

After all, many parents found themselves in similar situations.

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