Re-Imagining Popular Comic Characters As Dragons

Superheroes are wonderful works of imagination.

They are wonderful works of imagination. They are these awesome people with powers to make this world a better place. The living embodiment of our inspirations and aspirations. Every single one of them has unique abilities and personalities. And the way they look is an incredible representation. What would Superman be without his cape? Batman without his cowl? Hulk without his green?

They’d be unrecognisable.

A creative illustrator Lynton Levengood has re-imagined the ideal personalities of our favorite superheroes by giving them a dragon touch. He started this unique dragon work at the request of his friend who wanted to see a Deadpool Dragon. The idea sparked Lynton’s imagination and now his superhero dragon collection has grown.

His work is quite interesting and he has provided an exciting way to look at our favorite heroes. We have compiled a list of ten superhero dragons from Lynton’s works to kindle your “superhero love” with a spice of dragon fire, enjoy!

#1 Hulk Dragon

#2 Deadpool Dragon

#3 Bat Dragon

#4 Loki Dragon

#5 Ghost Rider Dragon

#6 Iron Dragon

#7 Nightcrawler Dragon

#8 Storm Dragon

#9 Venom Dragon

#10 Wolverine Dragon

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