This Hilarious Comic Sums Up The Uphill Battle Of Living With Depression And Anxiety Together

Sarah Flanigan has been in a battle with depression since she was 10, and anxiety since she was 16.

We’ve come to know that people aren’t as willing to understand or accept mental illness as they are willing to accept physical illness. It’s like they think that people have some sort of control over it, that they can just ‘snap’ out of it. Flanigan said:

“I wish everyone knew that depression is not something that people can just ‘snap out of. I mean, if I could ‘snap out of it,’ I would have by now.”

She ended up talking to Nick Seluk, who makes comics over at The Awkward Yeti and when she shared her story with him, he was more than willing to help her out by spreading the message.

“I’ve been through and seen depression and anxiety in action, and thought Sarah’s story was so perfectly simple. We all get sick physically and mentally, but we need to be open to talking (and laughing) about [it].”

And this comic really nails it


Sarah then later elaborates:

“The hardest part of living with depression and anxiety for me is feeling like I have to hide it, I’ve always been known as the happy one in my group of friends. Everyone’s always so shocked when I tell them I have depression or they see the self-harm scars.”

“It’s much harder than it should be to say, ‘Hey, I have depression and I’ve been struggling with self-harm since I was 10 and I just really need your support to get me through tonight,”

These comics were made by Nick Seluk from over at The Awkward Yeti

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