This Comedian Roasted ‘White Lives Matter’ Activists And Twitter Is Hilariously Shocked

Among the other acts of meaningless hatred, there is a trend of White Lives Matters protests. The only problem is that nobody knows what they are actually protesting for. Is it for preserving their duty of not sitting with black people? Or the reason is that they want “evil” counter-protesters to cancel their protests?

To explore the injustice behind the “White Lives Matter” protests, Comedian Jess Dweck got a perfect idea, a scathing joke to be exact.

The joke got pretty specific in a way and resulted in an inevitable heated discussion.

Not everyone was mad though, some got the point right and chipped in their own hilarious explanations





Perceived “injustices” – “I am white, and I deserve more!”

“Class vs Race,” there is a difference.


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