Comedian Gets Destroyed On Twitter After He Compared ‘Straight White Male’ To N-Word

So calling someone ‘straight white male’ is now considered bad?

So what do you call someone who is literally a white male who is also straight? I honestly didn’t know that people considered this a bad thing. I mean the comedian, Josh Denny compared this to the n-word.

Yes, he compared being called a ‘straight white male’ to the most offensive word in the English language ever. Even the dictionary agrees with me. Then he tried to diffuse the situation by posting a long thread explaining what he said what he did.

As you can imagine, that did not help him. So scroll on below and take a look at this train wreck.

Source: Twitter

This is where the train goes right off the track.

He tries really hard to keep it on course, but that chance is long gone.

So the only thing this is acheiving is making more people angry.

You mean we shouldn’t do what you’re doing?

I honestly don’t know you. Haven’t even heard of you.

People like you are also a big problem in our society.

RIght and what was your point by the way?

He isn’t wrong; I only wish he listened to himself.

So as you can imagine, Twitter users were right there to put him in his place.

And yet he doesn’t understand that.

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