Internet Is Divided As This Comedian Accused Cancer Research Of Fat-Shaming For Putting Up A Controversial Ad

“Obesity is the biggest cause of cancer after smoking.”

I am not the one making that statement. No, this statement was actually made by the charity Cancer Research. Now, I am sure you might know that Obesity is the cause of many illnesses and overall bad health.

I know it might seem like I’m fat-shaming, but I’m not since I too fall in this category but rather than being sensitive about our weight, we should just accept that it is a big health risk factor. 

However, when a Cancer research stated that obesity is a significant factor in cancer, The UK-based award-winning comedian Sofia Hagen was not at all happy.

So she had to voice her thoughts.



I believe that they didn’t do the advert right, but I get what they were trying to do.


Yes, that is quite true, unfortunately.


True, they could have done the advert right.


The people at the charity cancer research did say that they were just stating facts.


So Sofia replied the problems she had with the campaign.



That is certainly sadly true.



However, losing weight in a healthy way is always better for your body.



And then she included some proof.



But many people sided with the cancer research.


Granted, they could have done it a bit more tastefully.


But what about you?


Do you think the advert was right? Or is it promoting fat shaming? Comment on below and let us know.

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