A College Professor Savagely Shuts Down A Student Who Made A Homophobic Tweet About Him

With Twitter being as opinionated and open to the public that it is, having a bunch of bigoted commentary is part of the day.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be tolerated. That’s generally the thought process behind what genetics professor Eric Mendenhall was having when he came across a rather peculiar comment by one of his students.

As it happens, the student called the teacher a “faggot”. His reply was pretty delicate, but shut him up easily.

Over 30,000 people had liked or shared his cool and collected tweet.

And as he went viral, the professor decided it was a good time to use his momentary fame to try and give a message to the people.

He wrote: “each generation shedding some of the hate and bigotry of their parents’ generation is a key part of being human”.

The student, obviously mortified by all the comments on his homophobia, deleted his account immediately.

Well, obviously, what else do you plan on doing when you’re being told by over 30K people that you’re an idiot? You hide, of course.

“PRO TIP, don’t tweet horrible things about people on the google machine,” someone said.

Another added. “Great example of a teacher teaching. I doff my hat to you,”


To prove just how valid his statements were, he’s keeping his personal and professional life apart.

When someone asked: “Is hate speech tolerated at this school?”

Mendenhall responded. “Absolutely not. In no way shape or form. If directed at one of my students I don’t respond in same way as above,”


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