Twitter Thread About 10+ College Majors Explained The Micheal Scott Way Are Painfully Hilarious

Go to college, they said. It’d be fun, they said.

You missed out the part where you become drowned in debt, and to forget about your student loans, you drown your problems in alcohol only to wake up the next day to a quiz that carries 10% weightage on your final grade. Ah, the joys of college.

But it’s not all bad. The suffering college students share transcends language, and has devolved into rampart memes because apparently, that’s how our generation communicates now. Who cares about words and “talking it out” anymore? Let’s just progressively post more depressing memes on our social media until our friends become concerned for our mental health.

That’s what I do.

DanielMcCrystal is a twitter user who has decided to shape college majors in the form of Michael Scott quotes.

#1 Sociology

#2 Film

#3 Elementary Education

#4 Social Work

#5 Psychology

#6 Philosophy

#7 Music

#8 Mathematics

#9 Accounting/Finance

#10 Forensic Science

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