10+ College Fuckups That You Just Can’t Resist To Love

As wonderful as it can be, college life is full of memories. The kind of memories which we take with ourselves as a part of growing up. But despite everything, we certainly agree to the fact that college is not college without lovable fuckups.

And hey, by college fuck-ups, we mean “Damn, that badass is everything we need!” Nothing else.


They light up the place anytime, anywhere. No matter whatever the situation is, they are always up to make you smile with their memorable acts. So, in this article, we are going to make you recall your college moments by showing a few of the most recent best fuck-ups by students.

1. Best Way To Drop Out

Twitter: @Jesss_Sierra

2. Surprise

Twitter: @adam_cook2014

3. What oversleeping does to you

Twitter: @bryannahall5

4. The Apartment Groups Trolling


5. Smart Work is the key


6. Honest Emails To Professor

Twitter: @CBMSt1

7. Outclassed!

Twitter: @Graham_Garvin

8. Well, for her, even the mock interview was enough


9. He Just Bombed His Midterm

Twitter: @JonesTaiwan_

10. Why Math is not everyone’s thing

Twitter: @T_r_u_l_y_yours

11. Truest Depiction of college life


12. Let’s learn fuck ups from her

Twitter: @_countrygirl_12

13. Who said college is fun?


14. When even the professor knows the truth


15. D for Degree



Did any of these bring any flashbacks for you? Let us know in the comments section below and share it with your friends.

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