College Accidentally Assigned This Girl A Filthy Username And Email & I Can’t Stop Laughing

University can be a very difficult thing.

You’re under a lot of stress, there are a lot of things you need to manage and there a lot of distractions. Parties, people, countless things that could set you off the path you made for yourself. It’s the step towards your adulthood, that defines everything you do. Yeah, you have more freedom than you did in school, but it’s not any better.

Now, in university, you’re supposed to keep a certain standard, and certain level of professionalism. And in the age of digital communication, the first thing people see about you is your email address. In universities, you’re provided an email address that’s generated through some formula that creates your account.

For Megan Finger, this was an unfortunate formula, because it left her… Well.

Why don’t you see for yourself?

Yep, it’s your last name followed by the first two letters of your first name.

And it’s an unfortunate thing to have happened, but at least she can laugh about it!

People had some advice for her, but couldn’t stop laughing.



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