10 Times Cole Sprouse Hilariously Called The Fuck Out Of Shit Written About Him On Internet

I Guess We All Know Cole Sprouse By Now.

If you don’t know who he is, let me jog your memory. Remember the nerdy twin in The Suit Life Of Zack And Cody? Well, That is Cole Sprouse. Except he is all grown up now and not at all nerdy.

So, he is not very keen on media warping everything up. What does he do? Well, he calls the shit out of the things written on the Internet about him. Even you might be surprised by some of these things.

#1 Apparently They Lost All Of Their Money. Who Knew? Because They Did Not.


#2 I Have Chills Running Deep In My Bones.


#3 Because 10-Year-Olds Know Everything About Kisses.


#4 Uh, Good For You?


#5 They Are Still Not Quite Sure.


#6 Because Announcing To The World You’re Single Is Great For Your Social Life.

#7 Don’t Worry, It Counts. I’ve Been Dead For Three Years.


#8 Cutting Hair On A Severed Head Is So Much Easier.


#9 Even He Knows He Is Not Cool.


#10 Well That Was A Pretty Big Reveal.


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