15+ Cold AF Comebacks To All The Annoying Misogynistic Things You’re Absolutely Tired Of Hearing

Let’s Face It; There Are A Lot Of Sexist People In This World.

No, I am not going to be one of those people that think men don’t face sexism. They do, but it is just not as apparent. Women, however, have to deal with a lot of sexist and misogynist people. Thankfully, it is getting much better.

Today, however, we have compiled some cold af comebacks because of all the annoying misogynist things we have to hear every day. So ladies, take some notes.

#1 Now, That Is Graphic.

#2 What Is Guys Problem With Makeup?

#3 That Is The Truth, Alright!

#4 This I Might Even Use.

#5 Being Quite Does Make You Seem More Smart.

#6 So All Women Should Be Mutes?

#7 How Is This Misogynist?

#8 She Apparently Already Does.

#9 There Is A Big Difference Between Banter And Argument.

#10 Who Said Woman Don’t Talk Like This?

#11 Oh No A Feminist! Run For Your Lives!

#12 Don’t Worry, She Does.

#13 It’s True, I’ve Tried.

#14 The Planet’s Name Is Actually Earth. Ever Heard Of It?

#15 Your Not Funny For A Guy.

#16 Why Would You Let It Get To This Stage Anyway?

#17 She Was Afraid You Were Going To Catch Her.

#18 Nah, You Shouldn’t Settle For Anything Less.

#19 Why Is It Taking So Long?

#20 Because Intelligence And Beauty Is Directly Related.

#21 Now That Would Be Lot Of Blood Loss.

#22 Because Body Size Is So Important.

#23 Use Proper Language.

#24 Hey, At Least She Is Not Picky.

#25 The Moral Of The Story? Nothing.

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