CNN Just Destroyed Trump On Twitter With One Tweet And Absolutely Dragged Him To His Face

Not even CNN’s standing for Trumps bullsh*t anymore.

We all know that Trump is not a big fan of mainstream media. His reason? Because they apparently don’t show the world the ‘truth’ and make America look bad. I don’t thin CNN makes America look bad, that’s Trump’s job.

He’s not a fan of any mainstream media, but he has a special place in his heart reserved for CNN. Turns out, the feeling is mutual.

Here is his tweet.

CNN, however, wasn’t gonna let this one go.

What I don’t understand is why the President of United States is arguing with a media outlet. Does he not have anything else to do? He is the President for gosh sakes!

People on Twitter were just as amused.

While some were just angry.


Even Christiane Amanpour chimed in.

It truly is.

I think everyone is waiting with bated breath.

Oh wait! That is you…


CNN however is doing a great job representing the truth.

Politics has gotten so vehement.

I am not sure Donald Trump will ever learn. But I sure am glad that CNN clapped back this rather than letting him get away with it. What are your thoughts on his tweet? Do you think it was professional? Comment on below and let us know!

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