#CNNBlackmail Sparks Internet Meme War And It’s All Hilarious

If you don’t already know, CNN threatened to dox someone for making a meme

Doxing is releasing private information, such as their name, face, job, address, etc to the public. It can be done for a variety of reasons such as embarrassment, harassment, or in CNN’s case, blackmail. We already covered the Trump tweet that made CNN think doxing a private citizen was a good idea, but of the fallout, the best thing is probably the memes.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a Trump supporter or a proud Anti-Trumper, what CNN did is illegal and morally wrong. It would seem that they also don’t know the rules of the internet. If you don’t want something on there and the internet finds out that you don’t want it there, it’ll go viral. It happened with Beyonce’s picture, and it’s happening with anti-CNN memes.

And hey, I might get doxed for writing this, but they’re just too good not to share.

#1 Andrew Kaczynski, the writer of the dox piece doesn’t want fun around

#2 Pepe The Frog obliterates CNN

#3 This tweet certainly didn’t age well considering you threatened to dox a redditor for posting a meme.

#4 Memes are weapons of mass humiliation.

#5 They’re after you, reddit! Run!

#6 CNN is not worthy

#7 Executing a redditor

#8 Scumbag CNN

#9 And their reputation gets worse

#10 Can’t touch this

#11 CNN fights back by hitting itself.

#12 Don’t dox me, Andrew.

#13 A tweet did this

#14 At this point, CNN is a national laughing stock.

#15 The president feeds them whatever fake news he wants

#16 Trump uses Twitter to have CNN dig its own grave.

#17 They put an ax on their own foot.

#18 Supposedly, the person who made the gif is 15 years old, but the proof is lacking.

#19 Hurt CNN so bad they’re imploding

#20 They more they try, the harder they hurt themselves.

#21 HanA**holeSolo being blackmailed into apologising for his gif.

#22 Everything they throw at him at this point is just going to come back to hit them in the face.

#23 Turns out, it was CNN that took down CNN

#24 Goddammit, Donald! You broke CNN!

#25 They’re trying so hard, and it’s crazy what a single tweet accomplished


#26 The answer might surprise you

#27 They’re holding hostages

#28 Just blackmail to dox some more redditors.

#29 Even Trump Jr. is having a go at CNN

#30 Donald Lee

#31 The Rock Bottom

#32 Modern day garbage truck

#33 They should be holding a dox

#34 This just in,

#35 The force is strong with this one

#36 Don’t do it, Andrew!

#37 Absolutely wrecked

#38 Wonder Trump

#39 The CNN Roast


#40 They’re past the point of no return



#42 That’s a STEEL CHAIR

#43 While Trump’s tweets may be a huge flaw, they’re also a powerful weapon. One gif caused a company to implode


#44 The long and short of CNN attacking free speech

#45 And my personal favourite, The One Trump

#46 Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the original tweet itself

Disclaimer: We here at RearFront are supporters of free speech. We do not condone violence against anyone besides in self-defense. These memes were created in response to CNN’s attack on free speech, and will remain on the internet for the foreseeable future. 

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