A Clown Shares What Face Painting Taught Her About Male Violence In An Alarming Twitter Thread

We Tend To Gloss Over The Problems Boys Face.

I understand that many people are trying for equality but we tend to ignore or not realize most of the problems that guys face. Twitter user who goes by the name @boguspress realized this when she experienced the following incident.

It shows how little boys are conditioned to react to things around them. How ‘masculinity’ plays a major role in their and their parents life. A lot of times, the kind of attitude that should be awarded is met with derision.

This Story Starts Innocently Enough.

There Is Nothing Inherently Wrong With Painting A Blue Butterfly On A Boys Face.

Is A Little Blue Butterfly Really Such A Big Deal?

And We Should Stop.

This twitter user perfectly explained all that is wrong with our society in a short post. We can clearly see that there is nothing wrong with letting the kids act abd be who they want.

While it is essential that kids have parental supervision, Parents should never stop their kids for being who they want. This kind of behavior only ends up making the kids face problems later in life.

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