10+ Best Of ‘Clients From Hell’ Stories That Hit Little Too Close To Home If You Are An Artist/Freelancer

Whether you work in design, art, web development or any other creative field, you’ll deal with at least one finicky client in your lifetime. However, a magical place called ‘Clients From Hell‘ lets you vent all these frustrations anonymously. The page is so discreet that even the founders and admin of the page are entirely unknown to this day. Hundreds and thousands of people have been sharing their stories on the site since 2009. The user submitted posts exhibit trickery and insanity – guaranteed to give you a chuckle.

Here are some of the best ‘Clients From Hell’ moments:

1. Did she try turning it off and then turning it on again?

2. Of course, it’s necessary!



3. When people think freelancers actually work for free.

4. A double-sided website.

5. Why isn’t the site working?

6. Is this like a ritual?

7. Can a site ever be too black? It seems like it can be.

8. What even?

9. I am very disappointed with this attitude.

10. You heard her.

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