Artist Revamped Classical Art As Modern Art But With Cats & Results Are Purrfect

Everyone is turning classical art into modern art these days.

But every artist puts their own twist in it. So what makes Maria Paiz’s art different than the others? She merges modern art with cats! A fascinating project for Inktober 2017, you have to check it out:

Source: redbubble.com | Instagram

#1 Edvard Mewnch’s The Scream

#2 Frida Catlo’s Selfie Dedicated To Dr. Meowsser

#3 Leonardo Gatinci’s Mewna Lisa

#4 Salvador Gatí’s The Persistence Of Purring

#5 Katsushicat Hokusai’s The Great Wave Off Kanameow

#6 Catstav Klimt’s Portrait Of Adele Bloch Meower

#7 Johannes Vermeowr’s Cat With A Pearl Earring

#8 René Meowgritte’s The Treachery Of Meowing

#9 Andy Mewhol’s Meowilyn

#10 One Of Miauksy’s Graffiti

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