Chrissy Teigen praises moms who manage to be single, working and awesome

Chrissy Teigen is obviously one of those few celebrities who are equally awesome at being celebrities and moms. She mentions the help that she receives from and the respect she has for single, working and awesome moms. While fans might have more than one interesting reason to love Crissy, one of the most important reasons is her very clear, concise and honest view of single moms. In her interviews, she mostly talks about her success on the screen and upcoming projects, but in this single incident, she pours her heart out to the single parents – especially single moms.

Not too long ago, she talked to Yahoo Style and talked a lot of things about her celeb life, but most important of those things was about how good she is at being a mother. She talked about her little girl Luna who took birth in April, 2016. She stressed on making people aware of the life that celebs live far from the screen and how they manage many difficult things included parenting. She has been a super model and she is known for her appearances in Sports Illustrated. And we all know how amazing she is at being a super model, but perhaps looking at the other side of her personality is a more amazing experience for her followers and fans.

She talked to Yahoo Style and told how a lot of people make it possible for her to keep on the track. She made mention of her mother who lives with her and helps her raising her baby. She also mentioned the hair, makeup and other staff that makes sure that Chrissy stays stress free and focused on her career as a super model.


What Chrissy wants the moms, sitting at homes and taking care of their children, to know is the effort that she has to put in everything that eventually becomes known. From public relation marathon, to references to more and more contracts, it is a never ending struggle and she wants single and struggling mothers to know that it comes at some expense.

Unlike the way housewives and 24/7 moms look at the glamourous life of models, actors and singers etc. Chrissy looks at this glammed up life in a different way and explains how much she hates to be in the limelight. To her, it is a painful experience and she’d prefer a life of waking up late, cleansing her face and enjoying her day with her daughter to the kind of life she has to live with.

It is because of this love for Luna that she still gets much time to spend with her daughter than any other super model, actress or singer will get. She makes mention of those amazing single mothers who go to work, come back home and run all the errands that mothers are supposed to run, and she shows respect for them – she respects them, because Chrissy is only able to do all the good things she is known for, only because she gets help from people around her. She wants to treasure the help and love she gets from people: help and love that enable her to carry on her career and still cook dinner for Luna and rest of the family.

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However, this motherly act brings the super model Chrissy by the side of all those amazing moms who run their daily motherly errands, who leave the home to earn a living for their little ones and who keep thinking about those little angels at home. While Chrissy’s life might be easier than other working moms, she is still a mom and she lives it 24/7 just like other working moms. This understanding of how little other moms get for how big change they make to the lives of their little ones, makes Chrissy more humble, understanding and amazing! She knows that all other working moms do the same without any limelight at the end of the tunnel and moms simply love her for it.

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