A Troll Told Chrissy Teigen She Can’t Cook So She Claps Back At Him With A Savage Response

Cooking is never as easy as it seems on TV.

Then again, if you’ve ever watched any of Gordon Ramsay’s shows, you probably already know that. No matter how perfectly you follow the recipe, it never turns out as it should.

Personally, I’m a horrible cook, but even I can appreciate someone else’s cooking when it’s done right. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that Chrissy Teigen is a great cook. I haven’t eaten her food but damn the pictures look mouth-watering.

I mean she isn’t a best selling cookbook author for nothing.

Which takes us to the following scenario.

To which one person had a very weird response. What does that have to do with cooking?

To which a fan had the perfect response to.

But apparently he knows…. since he goes to the grocery store? I’m sorry what?

Chrissy however was not gonna let him get away with it.

I mean if that guy paid a bit of attention he would know.

Chrissy’s fans were right besides her.


While, some people realized that she had tweeted a 280 word tweet.

At the end of the day, maybe that was his goal.

But we are still impressed by her 3 meals 14 times a weak… That is some serious commitment to cooking!


Do you think the dude wanted her to tweet 280 words or was he just a troll? Share your thoughts down below.

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