Chrissy Teigen’s Clapback To A BodyShamer Is Irony Wrapped In Irony

Everyone loves model and Twitterite Chrissy Teigen.

She’s John Legend’s wife and loved and adored by everyone. She’s known for her very simple replies to random Twitters and her recent one was about a guy who told women to “stop fucking crying” about stretchmarks and periods.

It all started because of an article by Allure about an artist that turned insecurities into something pretty.

And someone mocked them for it.

He also made a lot of women angry with his caption.Β He mocked the idea, parodying his acne with periods and stretchmarks.

Chrissy Teigen very subtly bodyshamed him about his acne.

And people further showed up, mocking him, and shaming him.

Let’s go after what’s true here, and that’s the fact that he’s an asshole.


I don’t think painting buttholes is a good idea.

Some, however, were captivated by the idea of period stain art. Not always in a good way.

They’re fair questions, honestly.

But others… Not so much.

Honestly, the guy was an asshole. But I also think Chrissy Tiegen wasn’t in the clear by doing exactly what the asshole did. It makes you no better than him.

What do you think?

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