Chrissy Teigan Asked To Put Her Into Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show Photos & Internet Delivered It

Chrissy Teigan is known to ask her fans for strange things.

Once upon a time, she asked a fan in Los Angeles for six brown bananas and paid them in John Legend underwear, a Becca palette and a signed cookbook. I’m not kidding, this legit happened.

But now, she’s got other things on her mind.

As loved and cherished by her fans that she is, people are ready to do anything she’d ask them to. It’s a little scary how much they love her, but it’s also a testament to what kind of person Teigen is!

So here’s what happened.

A Victoria’s Secret fashion show was missed because someone cancelledย Chrissy’s wakeup call, and now she’s clearly hurt over not being a part of the group.

So she asked her fans to do their best to fix that.

And they did!


The edits are perf.

You can’t even tell!


Everyone noticed the open room on the top left.

They all chimed in.


But some were a little less well done.

There were also quite a few works of art.


They’re divine, aren’t they?

An effort was put into it.


But this is probably my favourite.


It’s super subtle.

Don’t listen to those haters, B.


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