Chris Pratt Had The Most Amazing Response To Trump Firing The FBI Director

Have you heard about President Donald Trump Firing FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday?

Via Zach Gibson / Getty Images

The reason cited is his poor handling of the Clinton email case. At least that’s what Donald Trump says. However, many people think that he fired him because he was spearheading the investigation of ties between Trump and Russia.

Soon enough, Twitter was filled with the discussion of who was going to take Comey’s place. After many meme’s and tweets, most of the people agreed on the most obvious choice.

It should be Burt Macklin, the FBI agent alter-ego of Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreations.

Who can argue with this perfect choice?

Everyone has already started voting.

The best person for the job.

The one and only Burt Macklin.

The actor behind the esteemed role Burt Macklin is ready for the job too.

People of America are ready for a new FBI Director.

America needs you!

Where is he now?

Vote for Burt Macklin!


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