Choosing Beggar Loses It Completely After Rejection, Gets Put In Place Perfectly

When will these people learn?

And by people, I mean choosing beggars. It is a term most commonly used on credit to describe a person who asks for everything they want basically free. And that’s not all, these people usually have the nerve to be rude and call others names when they don’t get what they want like a petulant child.

This story is about once such a person. This guy thinks that hand sowing a blanket with a complicated stitch should be basically free. Why? Because apparently his girlfriend is ‘sick’ and he wants to do something nice for her. Let’s just say he gets put in his place perfectly after he starts whining about the price.

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Source: Reddit

The conversation starts out quite normal.

This guy really liked the blanket she made so he wanted one for himself. Sounds innocent enough right? However, he clearly is not aware of how much custom made blanket would cost.

Making blankets isn’t really her business though?

I can already see the choosing beggar peeking through.

He was so snarky for no reason! if he’s trying to ask for something why is he being so salty? –beesinmymouth

This is what a Catherine wheel stitch looks like and it is incredibly complicated.

He doesn’t want any ‘acrylic sh*t’. Only the highest quality for this guy.

This guy has some expensive tastes. He wants a blanket made out of pure wool which he should know is much more expensive. And not only that he doesn’t want anything mixed in.

I guess that shocked him quite a lot.

Didn’t he just say he didn’t want ‘acrylic sh*t’?

She really isn’t charging all that much. Most people would charge way more.

Rather than fighting about it, why not just move on.

I have sold things online many times. And I never understand why people give this argument of ‘other people can do it for less.’ Of course, you can find a person who will do it for less but does that matter? Not to me at least.

This is when the emotional blackmail kicks in.

Ah, the classic “I need this desperately, so you should charge less” tactic. It’s a powerful negotiation tool, admitting that you’re desperate. –HopeFox

I absolutely love this answer.

I loved the “you should give me a friends and family discount”…. even though he’s been a huge d*ck the whole time, anything but a friend or family member.

Although the response was golden “I charge friends and family more”. –PogueEthics

Some people just don’t understand language sometimes.

Report her to whom? Instagram?

This is when it turned hilarious.

Her not caring was just making him even angrier.

It’s like people think they can scare you into making something for free. People do this in restaurants as well when they want free food. It’s really sad, to be honest.

I think you lowballed, you should have said $4000.

As the original poster puts it:

So I like to crochet a lot. It’s a hobby not a business. I occasionally take commissions though. And then use commission money to support my hobby. I work a full-time job. A guy wanted me to make him a queen-size blanket. –krafty_katt

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