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Choosing Beggar Gets Completely Humiliated After She Calls The Seller A Retard

Choosing Beggar Gets Completely Humiliated After She Calls The Seller A Retard

Choosing Beggars are here for your enjoyment yet again.

No wonder Reddit has a whole sub dedicated to people like this. While I can understand not everyone has enough money to buy whatever they want, and it is perfectly okay to ask the seller to lower the price, but what is not okay is going off on a rant after they don’t do just that.

This has definitely happened to me before. If someone is selling something and you think it is over-priced, just don’t buy it. Why do you have to go off on them? And yet so many people don’t understand this common decency. That is exactly what happened when one woman wanted an apple keyboard and mouse because her colleagues would laugh at her otherwise (What?)

So the seller decided to teach her a lesson. I personally don’t condone doing this to anyone but it sure is a good laugh so scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Imgur

This is how it started.

While I do think the seller is a bit abrupt, but he isn’t rude.

However, there is nothing to be confused about.

And this is where the gloves came off.

And this just proves that many residents of this world are incredibly stupid.

Pot calling the kettle black.

Oh sure, I have made that mistake thousands of times.

Do people think this works?

Because I have never seen this work?

Now you might think this is staged, but if you have ever sold anything online, you’d know it’s not.

While I’m here for teaching this woman a lesson…

The seller did take it a bit too far.

He should have just ignored her, simple as that.

Rather than just blocking her, he kept on going.

Now, This is just ironic.

What do you think about this whole exchange? Do you think the girl deserved this or did he take it a bit too far? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so your friends can enjoy this too.

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