So, Side-Eyeing Chloe Is All Grown Up Now And My Heart Can’t Take It

I’m sure you remember Side-Eye Chloe.

@Lily & Chloe Official / Via youtube.com
@Lily & Chloe Official / Via youtube.com

She went viral a few years ago for the side-eye she was giving her sister. You’ve definitely seen the memes even if you haven’t seen the original video. It’s often used as a reaction picture. Especially when your friend does something extremely stupid.

Or just in general when you’re judging something real hard.

Well, guess what? The cute little girl is all grown up, and still as adorable as ever! Someone found some pictures of dear little Chloe during her Google campaign. She travelled to Brazil.


If your heart isn’t crying tears of joy yet, just wait.

Instagram | lilyandchloeofficial

Look how happy she is to see herself!

She even went to autograph them.

Instagram | lilyandchloeofficial

No, you can’t get away without looking at her adorable little scribble.

Awww! It’s so cute.

I bet she was really happy to see signs celebrating sweet little Chloe

Instagram | lilyandchloeofficial

The family loved the trip, and little Chloe couldn’t stop smiling throughout!

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