Chinese Mom Refused To Give Up Her Disabled Son, Now He’s A Harvard Law Student

Some parents love their children unconditionally.

And the children who receive sincere love are lucky and blessed. We’ve seen people with disabled children who try their best to give their kids the life that they deserve. It’s difficult, but when you love someone, it’s very much possible.


Zou Hongyan was one such mother who loved her child unconditionally.

Zou Hongyan had a baby in central China, named Ding Ding, who suffered cerebral palsy in 1998 after “nearly suffocating during a birth compilation,” as stated by SCMP.

Doctors believed that the child would grow up lacking intelligence, and would be considered disabled.

They suggested to Zou Hongyan to give up the baby.

Source: SCMP

Ding Ding’s father also agreed with the doctors, thinking of how difficult it would be to raise a disabled child. But his mother refused all these suggestions.

She decided to keep the child and care for him personally.

Source: SCMP

However, Zou was made to raise Ding herself as her husband divorced her soon after.

She started working several different jobs so that she could provide her son whatever he needs.  She worked full-time as a college professor and part-time as an insurance trainer and protocol trainer. She wanted to help her son by treatment, and she could only achieve this by working so much.

She did all she could to help him overcome his problems.

Source: SCMP

She encouraged him to play intelligence boosting puzzles and games. She constantly motivated him to work hard and remove whatever obstacle was in his way. She would take him to rehabilitation sessions and do some exercises to help him ease his muscles.

Ding also could not use chopsticks. He would find it tough to hold them. Ding’s relatives all suggested that he drop the practice and just use other utensils, but his mother did not give up on him. She encouraged him and kept practicing it with him till he got a hold of it. She would rather have him work hard and accomplish these simple tasks than explain to people why he could not do it.

Zou said:

“I didn’t want him to feel ashamed about this physical problem. Because he had inferior abilities in many areas, I was quite strict on him to work hard to catch up where he had difficulties.”


Her hard work surely paid off!

Source: SCMP

After graduating from Peking University’s Environmental Science and Engineering Scool in 2011, Ding Ding is now a Harvard student, majoring in Law. All thanks to his dedicated mother.

People have been praising his mother for all her efforts.


What a brave woman!

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