Chinese Family Started Working Out Together And In Six Months Their Transformation Is Inspiring

This family is pure goals.

Losing weight is never easy, and it seems almost impossible. But once you set your aims straight, nothing is out of your reach. And this family has proven that right.

Jesse, a 32-year-old Chinese photographer set out with his family to achieve their weight goals. They all were a real inspiration to each other for the whole 6-month journey.

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It all started with Jesse’s pregnant wife. Jesse’s mother decided to come live with him and his wife to help them get through with the initial stages of parenthood. Jesse also invited his father to temporarily move in with them who, by the way, was a total wreck due to alcoholism.

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This is adorable.

Jesse thought of a perfect plan for his family to get everyone back on track. He decided to create an exercise routine for them. Starting off with a simple walk, the exercise converted into a jog and then stressful hours at the gym. They tracked their transformation by measuring their bodies every ten days.

Before and after.

The struggle.

It takes hard work.

Like father, like son. 

The fitness cycle.


At the end of the 6-month period though, Jesse and his family had adopted their active routine for good. And as for Jesse, his major accomplishment was seeing his father become a better man. What an achievement, indeed!


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