Chili’s Answered Healthcare Questions On Twitter & They Made A Lot More Sense Than Govt. Itself

Who would’ve thought that Chili’s answers to healthcare questions could be more sensible than the government?

With a new bill getting passed, a healthcare debate is raging once more. A Tweeter named Colin Gray went on a rant that’s nowhere near being related to any of it.

Apparently sick and tired of the lack of face-to-face communication, Gray wrote, “There’s this weird thing you can do, where, if you need information from someone, you can ask them instead of the internet.”

To make his point, he listed all the different ways you can get answers besides the internet:

Perhaps, chatting in person?

Through a phone call or an email or a text.

Here’s another option.

However, that raised a few questions.


“I really want to know what questions you have for Chili’s,” asked a very sympathetic reader.

Even though Gray was particularly raging against asking Chili’s questions over the internet, he went along with it anyway.

And here’s how it all came back to healthcare:

“If your deductible hasn’t been met, your copay is how much it costs to simply leave your doctor’s office,” responded (Dr.) Chili’s Grill & Bar, almost immediately. “They can charge way more later.”

Everyone including Gray was very appreciative of the prompt response from Chili’s (MD).

If you’ve lost track of how this all started. Here’s an inaccurate assessment of Trump’s own party bill by Trump himself. Just by the way, Graham-Cassidy does not assure coverage of pre-existing conditions.

The entire internet was much more appreciative of Chili’s than Colin Gray. From responding to angry customers to giving life advises, Chili’s outdid everyone on this “Ask Chili’s” affair.

And if you’re ever feeling lonely…..

Tips on studying.

Getting your art noticed.

Advice on thinking long term.

And whatever the hell this is.

Would you trust Chili’s with your life?


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