Childhood: the best time for going nuts and getting a crazy hairdo

It’s not easy for kids to do whatever they want and whenever they want. No one lets the kids live the life that they want and of the things that they so want to try, a crazy hairdo is on top of the list. Unfortunately, it is the same wish which does not get easily granted. Jack’s Pa, however, is a daring one and he allows him to have a pineapple hairstyle, and here come all the uncles and aunts and even distant relatives who only seldom care to check whether Jacks are alive or dead, damning the poor father.

Same is the case with Caroline’s mom! She might rejoice with the idea of how good her daughter will look in hair streaked in fire, but her most of the time out of her mind Mom would impose her 50’s nonsense on the little girl without giving a damn about her feelings.

So the kids compromised over all the crazy ideas that they had for their hair and dads and moms simply give up on the idea of letting their teens and kids enjoy their personal space and let them experiment with their hairstyling, until Mary Thomaston, a hairstylist based in Florida and hairdo crazy mom let her cute little daughter go wild with her imagination and color her hair the way she loved. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Lyra: Mary’s daughter was hardly a first grader when she fell for a unicorn look and what could be the best unicorn idea, but to have a hairdo based on unicorn’s look and feel. Mary, being a hairstylist and a Mom, tried to prevent Lyra her level best, but soon realized that Lyra’s obsession was stronger than Mary’s denial; she deemed it better to lose at the hands of her 6 years old daughter than a broken bond between the two of them.

The story was featured by Luxury Spot Blog because of its unicorn-niqueness. Mary, when failed to find a way to convince Lyra to forget her innocent, but weird obsession, tried one more motherly trick to stop her. She told Lyra that she could grant her wish, but only if allowed by her school with very strict discipline and rules. Mary hoped to hear a big No with capital N, but to her astonishment, the school allowed Lyra to live her innocent dream. As a last resort Mary tried to talk Lyra out of her obsessive idea of having a side of her head shaved in a way that it resembled to a unicorn’s horn, but in vain. Lyra was obviously much more persistent than her mom.

So, long story cut short, Lyra got what she asked for and guess what, it did not disappoint her or even her mom. She lived her dream and liked it even more than before. The story published on Luxury Spot Blog turned Lyra and her uniqorn hairstyle into an internet sensation and people are talking about her everywhere.

Following new, crazy and obsessive hairstyling trends, moms and dads throughout the USA are not allowing their kids to realize their hairdo dreams. You want a pineapple on your head or it is a big black lizard that tickles your fancy, go wild! Be more like Lyra and her mom. And you know what, despite all the nonsense people might say about killing hair follicles with chemicals or whatnot, do know that Mary only tried non-toxic and temporary agents to give Lyra her much wanted unicorn look! You can also look awesome without having to endanger your healthy hair!

How about this?

or this?

Or why not this? We bet, you got the idea!

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