10+ Chicks Who Got Brutally Roasted To Crisp With Insults They Never Saw Coming

Roasting is an art form.

It’s a special kind of insult, a humorous, tacky zinger that you can’t help but giggle at. It’s not meant to be hate, but the intent is comedy. Sure, some people can’t handle that either, and that’s fine, people who join in on roasts are always voluntary and it’s all consensual. You know what happens when you roast someone who didn’t ask to be roasted? You’d be an asshole.

So to make it easier and neat for all the people who love the art of roasting, Reddit obliged and created a subreddit called r/RoastMe where people post pictures of themselves holding up a piece of paper asking to be roasted. And they complied.

Here’s some of the best hits of 24 chicks who got absolutely demolished.

Source: r/RoastMe

#1 Girl with a flowery top.

“Your face says 16 and pregnant but your outfit says middle-aged devorcee on e-harmony.com…”

#2 Blonde girl with large eyes.

“You passed the blow up doll audition.”

#3 Fully geared up.

“Looks like an audition headshot for a Call of Duty porn parody.”

#4 Bored girl with cat eyes.

“What I lack in personality I makeup for.”

#5 Outside of Goodwill.

“Slept with a boy named Donovan.”

#6 Come at her, scrublords.

#7 Girlfriend wants to be roasted.

#8 The cat in the background is the best part.

#9 Feminist vegan friend wants to be roasted.

#10 Her fingers are all messed up.

#11 Gender studies is a real degree.

#12 Goodwill helps everyone.

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