Video Of Chester Bennington Talking About His Depression Is A Stark Reminder About How Serious Mental Illness Is

The lead vocalist of Linkin Park and Dead By Sunrise committed suicide recently

Chester Bennington, who had touched the lives of hundreds of millions of people, passed away. He left the entire world in shock, and fans are mourning his tragic death. There are, however, some that find it prudent to mock and make fun of a man despite his struggles. Various individuals are calling him weak for leaving behind so many heartbroken people.

To them, I have a message.

I’m not ever going to defend suicide. Chester wasn’t brave for what happened, but he wasn’t a coward either. He was sick. He died because of depression. If you think he’s a coward, go to a funeral for someone who died of cancer and tell everyone they died because they were too weak.

Chester was always a supporter of mental health awareness

The singer had troubles in the past dealing with alcohol, drugs, and was at one point molested by an older male during his childhood. And like many victims, he blamed himself, which troubled him greatly in the future.

In a video by Goalcast, he discusses his struggles with mental health.

“Nothing makes me happy. I don’t like anyone. I even told my therapists at one point, ‘I just don’t want to feel anything’… For me, life got really weird and really hard all at one time.”

Sitting next to Linkin Park rapper Mike Shonda, he recalls and discusses what he went through.

Chester even shares a time when he went to his therapist and told him that he doesn’t wan to feel anything.

It just shows that no matter what people think they know about you, they don’t know who you really are

We all saw him as Chester the rockstar, millionaire, with adoring fans. We never really saw him as Chester, the little boy who was abused by another man, and struggled with drugs and alcohol.

He also talks about the stigma around mental health

That people think that their lives have to be bad to a certain level before they qualify for mental health. If another guy has a life that you think is worse than yours, or better, doesn’t mean that your depression is or isn’t real.

He elaborates further

“Dude, no, man, if you’re here, if you’re here, it’s that bad. There’s nothing special about that guy who’s been living on the streets ant the person who’s just a binge drinker three times a month. Your life is fucked up and you realize that there’s something you got to do about it and it’s just as hard on either end but each one is just as relevant as the next.”

You can watch the full interview below.

Chester Bennington – Speak Up

If you think you’re suffering from depression, speak up.
RIP Chester Bennington

Posted by Goalcast on Thursday, 20 July 2017

RIP Chester Bennington 1976-2017

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