Here’s Why Chester Bennington Will Remain A Legend

As many of you know, the lead vocalist for Linkin Park passed away recently.

And there are countless reasons as to why Chester Bennington will always be remembered. Even if you aren’t a die-hard Linkin Park fan, you still heard of them. The early 2000s was the LP decade, and everyone grew up listening to them.

Other bands are disheartened and mourning. They were a part of almost everyone’s lives, and that’s absolutely huge.

Two decades ago, in an interview in 1999

On the topic of how they practiced, he said

We actually enjoy practicing like it’s a live show. Because that’s really who we are- we like to go off, that’s what we- You know, it’s kinda pointless to sit around in a practice studio and pull up a bunch of stools and sit down and practice like that.

Fans and supporters all around the world are deeply disheartened

Upon performing with Jay-Z, Chester completely stunned him

They had a brief rehearsal before, and he had no idea what his voice was capable of. If you wish to watch the video, tap here. In it, you’ll see Jay-Z constantly glance at Chester, completely stunned at his ability. There’s a reason why Linkin Park is legendary.

Earlier, back in May, Chris Cornell, a close old friend of Chester, committed suicide

In a tribute to him, the band sung One More Light. Chris Cornell was the lead vocalist for Soundgarden and Audioslave. He died by hanging, and on the day Chester committed suicide the same way, that day would be Cornell’s 53rd birthday.


Everyone is gutted, and it’s a hard time for a lot of people


On an encounter with a fan

Chester described an encounter he had with a fan. While on live television, in front of thousands of people, they were singing and a girl reached out, and stuck her hand inside his mouth. All four fingers, while he was singing. And both Mike and Chester were having a huge laugh over it.

Fans are going through all of their old songs

They’re finding lyrics that match how they all feel now, and it’s absolutely devastating.


So, Chester Bennington, wherever you are, from every single one of your fans, please know this. In the end, you did matter.

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