Cher Summed Up All The Rage About Net Neutrality In One All-Caps Fierce Tweet & We Can Almost Feel The Outrage

So, Net Neutrality’s a pretty popular topic.

I’m guessing most of you already heard, but haven’t paid much attention. It can get pretty complex. You see, the Federal Communications Commission has announced their plans to repeal net neutrality laws.

Now if you use the Internet, which I am guessing you do, this law is going to affect your Internet use. We are still debating whether it is for the best or not.

Ajit Pai FCC Chairman defends the move.

He claims that this new ‘lax’ rules will save the Internet. He also argued that this will stop the Federal Government from micromanaging Internet service providers. But we all know that there is always another side to a story.

That is when Cher comes in.

Cher had another opinion on Net Neutrality laws. We all know she can be quite vocal about what she thinks is right and she has blasted the administration of the President more than once in the past. And this time is no different. She basically explained what the law would mean for the general public.

This is what her tweet says without all THE CAPS.

Net neutrality means Trump can change the internet. It will include less Americans, not more. Now Comcast, AT&T, Google will show you only what they want you to see. Slower and more expensive at their whim. See less, charged more.


Now, You may not agree but she wasn’t wrong at all.

You see the Net Neutrality law is basically about giving everyone equal access to the Internet, but it also limits and constricts what providers can do. Repealing this law will give much more power to telecom giants like AT&T and Verizon.

Rather than giving everyone equal access. It will make Internet less accessible to more people. As the telecom giants will decide who gets access to what and who is willing to pay for it thus making it more expensive for the general user.

So she might seem wacky.

…but she was definitely right.

What are your thoughts on the Net Neutrality? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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