10+ Worst And Most Hilarious Cheating Stories From 2017 That Will Make You Feel Blessed For Being Single

Being single is not the worst thing.

Especially if you look at how people love to cheat on their significant others. So if you’re single and feeling alone, don’t! As we are here to help you.

That is why we have compiled some of the worst cheating stories from 2017 that’ll surely make you want to stay single for life. (We don’t recommend that though.) So let’s take a little trip to memory lane and laugh at other people’s misfortune.

#1 I honestly have no words. Why were you even dating him in the first place?

Via bxllaneira

#2 He apparently does not know how Snapchat works.

Via UhSoul

#3 I’m sure he still didn’t learn his lesson.

Via littlesb79

#4 Well, their faces are on the Internet forever.

Via FreeTheWave_

#5 Well, it’s on the Internet forever. I wish you didn’t hide his name though.

Via Fail Blog

#6 Who doesn’t remember this one? (Yes, I’m aware he didn’t cheat)

Via JasmineRios5

Have any cheating stories from 2017 that we missed? If so, comment on below and let us know!

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