Cheating Girlfriend’s Twitter Rant Justifying Herself To Cheating BF Is Going To Boil Your Blood

This will boil your blood.

Because let’s be honest, we all know cheating is terrible whether it’s on a test or a person. It never ends well, and then there are the lies that you have to say to cover it all up. However, people still seem to love cheating and having affairs.

I honestly don’t get it. If you’re with someone, be loyal. If you don’t like them anymore, dump them. Yes, It’s that easy. This girl, however, had another idea when she realized that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

Rather than straight up taking revenge, she revealed her own secret and boy, are you going to love this! So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Twitter

This is the girl behind all the messages.

And this is how it all started.

When she realized that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

She was rightfully angry.

You’ll only feel sorry for her until you see this though.

It turns out; she was cheating on him too.

And she even tried to justify it.

That might be because all of this is pretty dumb.

So I guess the conclusion is that both of them got what they deserved.

Good for them I suppose?


I’d like to say that I 100% disagree with her statement.

I honestly have no words left. Both of them are perfect for each other.

Did you ever cheat on your significant other or get cheated on by them? If so, what did you or your significant other did? Comment on below and let us know.

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