Cheap Guy Tries To Shame His Date On Facebook, Get’s Taught A Lesson By The Girl

The Internet never forgets.

We all know this but many of us still think it’s wise to post stupid things on social media. Even after removing or deleting the post, there is a good chance someone already has it hidden in their computer’s folders.

So that is why I was so surprised when I saw the following post. You see, after going on a first date with a girl, a guy named Curtis decided to blast her on Facebook. However, he should have told the truth because the lies are always revealed.

He actually decided to give tips to all the ‘other ladies’ as to how they should act on a date. Seems like he didn’t have someone else who could do the same courtesy for him.

This is the post that started it all.

And one of his friends even agreed with him. Though she probably didn’t know the truth.

Unsurprisingly, the girl saw the post and had some revelations of her own to share.

She even attached the original post to further drag him down the hole he dug for himself.

However, it seems that he wasn’t going to give up, so she added some further proof.

Seems like he really should stop now. Because it’s clear who’s the liar here.

Which side would you take in this argument? Do you think the guy was in the right or did he have no right to post this on Facebook? Why not share your thoughts down below in the comments?

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