Students’ Group Chat Goes Viral After Police Hilariously Interrupted It To Help One Of Drunk Students

What’s the weirdest story you’ve got that involves a tangle with the police?

Well, this guy has a very special kind of story that involves the police showing up in a group chat to ask for directions. Let’s reverse for a bit. Ever go out in the evenings after a long day and get unbelievably drunk? I don’t mean seeing double, I mean seeing quadruple, can’t walk straight, tripping over your own feet drunk.

Usually when you get to that level, you end up getting in trouble with the police too. Because, let’s face it, you were probably loud and rowdy or thought that it was a good idea to pass out on the sidewalk. The police were doing what they were supposed to, and make sure you get home safe. But how? You’re too drunk to even talk properly. So, they took his phone, and messaged his friends to try and find out where he lived.

See how it unfolded.

Source: Twitter 

They were understandably suspicious, of course.

Until the police sent proof.

This is the best selfie ever taken.

Best group chat ever.

People were in fits over it.

It was the most unbelievable thing to have happened to them.



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