This Chart Perfectly Explains Mansplaining And Even Your Dumbest Coworker Will Get It

Mansplaining is quite common.

What is mansplaining, you ask? Well, you might not have heard the exact same phrase but if you are a woman you might have experienced it without realizing. You see, mansplaining is when a man tries to explain something to a woman even though she either didn’t ask for the help or didn’t need it.


It might not sound so bad, but trust me, it feels quite horrible when a man thinks that he knows more than you even though you have the same qualification or just don’t need the help. So one woman decided to make a flowchart explaining good old friendly help and mansplaining.

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Just to be clear, her male colleagues asked for this and she is clearly not trying to attack any individual or any gender.

Source: Twitter

This is an excellent flowchart.

As expected, many people could relate to this whole notion other than just females.

Some people just never change.

Ah yes, she should include that one, I have met my fair share of guys who do this.

They apparently did not know what they were talking about.


See? It’s already helping so many people.

What do you think of this flowchart? Because I think I need it on my phone at all times when someone tries to do these things. Don’t forget to comment down below and let us know.

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