10+ Times Celebs Roasted The Heck Out Of Other Celebs And Made Best Comebacks Ever

The following celebrities certainly got some sass.

Now, we are not here to contemplate who was right or who said the wrong thing. Why? Because I honestly don’t care. We don’t know these people personally so why not just take it as it is: Pure entertainment.

Many people on this list needed some serious care after they had been burned. (Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit since some of these are just weak.) Take a look below and decide for yourself.

#1 I think I missed the end of the world.

Via thehollywoodgossip

#2 He isn’t technically wrong.

#3 Nah, still not a big fan.

#4 I am thinking both.

Via TheThings

#5 I honestly don’t blame him.

Via TheThings

#6 I agree wholeheartedly.

Via TheThings 

#7 I am torn between this one.

Via Neon Tommy

#8 That must suck.

Via BroBible

#9 She’s working on that as we speak.

Via TheThings

#10 Sounds fair.

Via The Hollywood Gossip

Maybe I’m out of the ‘loop’ but I sure as hell didn’t know most of this drama had happened. Did this surprise you or was it old news? Comment on below and let us know.

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