People Shared Their Celeb Encounters On Twitter & It’ll Surely Encourage You To Go Out

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 11, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

With Louis C. K. on the long list of celebrities accused of sexual assault, it’s easy to become distant from all the super stars.

For many, they’re their heroes. Donating to charitable causes, propagating all that is good, and be the voice that stands above the rest. Whether or not it’s a good idea to have actors and singers on such a pedestal is a different argument, at this point, we’re just concerned with the fact that all these allegations have muddied the waters of who people thought highly of.

So one person tried to help improve the image.

#1 Instead of awful, serious allegations, how about some nice ones?


#2 Robin Williams.

@javachik / Via Twitter: @javachik

#3 Danny DeVito

@megaclang / Via Twitter: @megaclang

#4 Kenny G

@itspronounced48 / Via Twitter: @itspronounced48

#5 Kate McKinnon

@rachelmillman / Via Twitter: @rachelmillman

#6 David Tennant

@angevin2 / Via Twitter: @angevin2

#7 Nathan Fillion

@Thesixler / Via Twitter: @Thesixler

#7 Another Danny DeVito!

#8 Tyra Banks

@hunktears / Via Twitter: @hunktears
@hunktears / Via Twitter: @hunktears

#9 Beyoncé

@felix_cohen / Via Twitter: @felix_cohen

It’s not that hard to be nice.

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