10+ Times Cats And Dogs Made Airbnb Guests Live Their Best Life

These guests were definitely not expecting this.

While I usually hate surprises, I wouldn’t mind being woken up by a cat licking my face. If that ever happened, my Airbnb will get five stars instantly. And that is exactly what happened with these guests staying at Airbnb.

Many of these are first time users, and one thing is for sure, their first experience was terrific. So if you are looking for an Airbnb to book, why not try the following ones? (If you don’t have allergies that is.) So scroll on below and get ready to say ‘aww’ a whole lot.

#1 Quite a clever way to get a good review, no?

Via u/Tan-zania

#2 Okay, this is adorable. Who needs a pillow?

Via Reddit

#3 She just likes being petted.

#4 Better than chocolate under the pillow.

Via u/Pinionedspiral

#5 Pets just make everything better. 

Via u/dertigo

#6 People get free soap; He got a free dog!

Via u/Agu_Quintos

#7 Quite a gracious host.

Via u/egm94

#8 Keeping watch, so you don’t throw any wild parties.

Via u/chornu

#9 Free playtime with Jeff? Jackpot!

Via u/mkdevo

#10 I think he looks more surprised to see you on HIS bed.

Via u/Chispy

#11 Wow, Those usually cost a fortune.

Via u/bliss01

#12 The cat is clearly not letting them stay on the bed.

Via Reddit

#13 She looks scared, if I’m honest.

Via u/maigrun

#14 And she knows she’s majestic.

Via u/pretty_dreams

#15 He just wants you to play with him.

Via u/cdc420

#16 Aren’t those nails hurting her?

Via u/zeabasharani

#17 To keep herself warm probably.

Via u/_jery_

#18 Definitely a good boy.

Via u/Laxran

#19 Doesn’t look like she’s happy.


#20 I thought that was clear.

Via cutekittensarefun

#21 Either this is the most majestic cat ever, or this is the most fantastic camera.

Would you like to be greeted with a dog or a cat at your Airbnb? Comment down below and let us know.

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