You Will Need To Be Baptized By Pope Himself If You Laughed At These 10+ Catholic Memes

Catholic memes took the stage, perhaps, almost a decade ago. But, ever since, memes have never been the same. It just makes you wonder, is it the new evangelizing? The word meme was essentially a shortened version of the Greek word, “mimeme,” meaning “imitated things.” The initial idea behind memes was to transmit behaviors, attitudes and cultural ideas through variation and imitation. And now almost anything shared on the internet can be considered a meme. At its basic level, an internet meme is a term used for the particularly more impactful examples. Even though its difficult to predict what will catch on. Memes that go viral tend to exhibit a perfect balance between absurdity and humor. And that’s exactly where Catholic memes begin!

1. Cavanagh.


2. The last supper.

3. “Gloria.”

4. For I have sinned.

5. For emphasis.


6. You know you’re Catholic.


7. “Our Father.”


8. Literally everybody.

9. No meat today.

10. All praise to the mighty lord!

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