Paddle The Cat With Thumbs Becomes ‘First Cat’ Of New Zealand & We’re All Ready For Our Furry Overlords

In case you missed it, New Zealand is getting a new Prime Minister.

She is Labour’s Jacinda Ardern and she won the backing of NZ First and the Greens, and so could form government. If you have an eye for international news, this isn’t something new to you, especially if you live in New Zealand.

But you know what is?

Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

Ardern’s got a pet cat named Paddles and she has opposable thumbs!

Look at her with her tiny thumbs! Look! She’s even got her own Twitter account!

Paddles is polydactyl, so she has a few extra toes.

And this twitter account sprung up the moment it was announced that Ardern would become the next PM of NZ.

And the thing is, we don’t know who runs this account.

But apparently, it’s Paddles herself because she has opposable thumbs and is a strong independent puss that don’t need no human.

Even Ardern’s partner and New Zealand Fishing personality, Clarke Gayford, was bewildered.


Neither of the two are running the account, so I guess it must be Paddles herself after all.

Other famous cats of twitter greeted her too!

But we’re just hoping to see more of Paddles doing opposable cat thumb stuff!


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