10+ Cat Snapchats That Will Make Your Day That Much Better

You know what you need today?

A cat! Because whether you agree with this or not, Cats make everything better and I am not at all making this up. Don’t believe me? Well, scroll on below and take a look at these hilarious cat snapshots.

These are sure to put a smile on your face. From cat screaming faces to their adorable pleading eyes, we have it all here. Yes, they might act stupid from time to time but who doesn’t!?

Source: BoredPanda

#1 Damn, I did not see that coming!

#2 Screaming always works.

#3 Aww that is just so sweet.

#4 Okay, that just looks creepy.

#5 The bunny is just adorable.

#6 I’m not crying either!

#7 Is he sure he doesn’t want it?

#8 Or he is just being lazy.

#9 The destroyer of worlds indeed.

#10 Wow, I am a fan of this particular prototype.

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