This Cat-Sitter Got The Perfect Guidance By Her Employer On This Note

Looking after someone else’s cats isn’t easy.

You don’t only have to remember which cat is which, you have to memorise all their separate personalities. All cats are not the same. They prefer different types of food. Some like belly rubs, some don’t. Some like a good scratch behind the ear, some don’t. It’s complicated.

However, one cat-sitter was hilariously guided through her little cat-sitting experience.

Tumblr user Amanda was taking care of her family friends’ cats, and they left her a hysterical note as a guide to identify all the cats.

Here’s the note:

It says:

The Cats:

Here is your key for the cats:

Samson: All gray. The most handsome cat you’ve ever seen. Looks like the cat was drawn by a Disney animator.

Dobby: All black. No tail. Looks like a cat that was drawn by a person who has a vague idea of what cats look like but in reality has never seen one.

Dixie: Calico. Looks like she would speak with a squeaky voice. Very short. Will use her nails to love you.

Wilson: Gray and white. Obese. Still adorable. Looks like Tony Soprano. Probably the mob boss.

They aren’t wrong!

The cats do look like that! Guess who is who?

Cats are glorious creatures and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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